Alfie Hanssen
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Expert design-build services for projects big and small.
iOS & Android courses, in person and online, for groups of all sizes.
iOS & Android tutoring for all ages and experience levels.
Engineering manager for Instagram client performance.
Former engineering lead for Vimeo's consumer-focused web and native products.
Accelerated online courses in iOS and Android development.
"I couldn't rate the course more highly. I recommended it to all of my colleagues." - One Month iOS Student
A kids' game about ecosystems and species interdependence.
"I'm a Biology teacher, and I've been looking for an app like this for a long time. It's simple, but clearly illustrates ecosystems and helps the hands-on and video game-oriented students. This is how we integrate technology into the classroom." - iTunes Reviewer
14 buildings on 50-acre site in Songea, Tanzania.
A collaboratively built private skateboard facility in Philadelphia, PA.
The first miniramp in Rwanda, probably in all of East and Central Africa.
An illustrated poem in collaboration with Vivek Narayanan.
The View From Hickoree's, 2014
Brooklyn Bridge View, 2014
Contre la Tennis, 2011
Island Vacation, 2011
Praia de Leme, 2014
View of 30th Street Station, Philadelphia, 2014
Angela and Emil, 2014
LSystem Painting 1, 2016
LSystem Painting 2, 2016
LSystem Painting 3, 2016
Pangea Safari Screenshot, 2011